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Writing tips

If you approach those classmates of yours who have outstanding writing skills, they will happily tell you how to write professionally – just like any doctor advising you to ‘eat healthy and exercise regularly.’ But the truth is that changing the way you write (and eat as well) may happen only when you finally realize what is the reason standing behind what you do. Here are a few academic writing tips with which you will get some great results

Writing block. If you face the task to generate content from time to time, or you’re a professional writer and are proud of your prose, you’ve definitely experienced one of those moments, when the words seem to stuck in the middle of nowhere. That’s what they call a serial productivity killer or a writer block.

For many students conclusion might be the toughest portion of an essay. You can spend hours writing a perfect article, doing research, formatting, outlining, etc. And than you are thinking about the final words. Some writers don’t even think of how to write a conclusion or neglect to include it. However if it is lame, it can ruin the entire bulk work. Otherwise conclusion could be one of the strongest components of your essay.

The key to effective writing is knowing who will read your text. You have to not only consider what you are going to say, but also whom you are going to address. Understanding your audience helps you to include and arrange appropriate information and supporting details, which are necessary for your readers to understand your thoughts. You have to be able to appeal to your audience to develop an effective argument.


Taking this into account, when writing an academic paper, you should definitely keep in mind your instructor and others who are going to evaluate your writing.

Do you want to be a better writer? Of course, you do, unless you’ve clicked this page accidentally. Excellent writing is definitely a sort of an art and, to be honest, it can be pretty intimidating. But no need to worry if your prose is stuck somewhere at the pre-school level! There are some basic writing tips – even sort of science – behind the art of writing. Let us bring some light to the most popular ones.

An academic assignment to write a narrative essay is a regular task in any field. This type of writing is used to show up the author’s experiences in his own way and draw his personal conclusions. In other words, the narrative type of the essay proves its point by delicately guiding it to the readers. By following the basic narrative writing tips, you have an opportunity to improve your skills in creating this type of assignment.


If you do writing on a non-professional basis – even if you have some flair for it – you may think that to write an essay or an article is all there is to it. But that’s a misconception which prevents you from getting the best results. Proofreading is essential, and as an activity it’s not as dull and tedious as it sounds – on the contrary, adjusting your text to match your thoughts perfectly is fascinating.


Actually, expert proofreaders are skilled to no lesser extent than writers. Here’re the principles to follow to make the most of proofreading your work:

The topic of the forgotten genocide may be an integral part of many academic courses, starting from the sociology courses and ending with the world history. The writing task about how cruel life may be is not just one of the ways to check out your prose, but also an instrument that must make you remember, ponder over and come up with the certain conclusions regarding the genocide. A good example of the topic may be revealed by writing the Armenian genocide essay. As nowadays we are almost reaching 100 year point since the Armenian tragedy of 1915 was brought by the Ottoman Turks, the issue still bothers and horrifies our generation. Make sure to start the essay by stating the deeply saddening fact that Ottoman Armenian genocide is not yet recognized by the United States federal government.

So here it goes. You’re assigned with a task to produce a well-researched, professionally written and logically organized essay on how to choose a career path. First thing you should do is … start breathing! Choosing a career essay is not scary as hell and you will most likely cope with it in a couple of hours. So, breathe in, breathe out and…get it done! If you surf on the web (and you definitely will!), you will find out that there are tons of career essay examples. Each of them includes tips, guidelines, recommendations, some given by experienced psychologists and some left by know-it-all freelance writers. But today you are required to generate your own picking a career or career goals essay and you must complete the essay within the required deadline.

So you’re assigned with the task to get the Benjamin Franklin writings done? An essay about Mister $100 will definitely take time. Besides, the essay will require a proper and detailed research on Benjamin Franklin biography. The paper and research that are involved within the essay on good old Ben Franklin is not that scary and we are going to prove that in this article by providing you with a pack of hot tips on the process of writing such an assignment.

In order to write a good narrative essay, it is important to remember that the main goal is to describe certain events while creating a story. Moreover, it is important to clarify some facts while still leaving enough room for a reader to bring his own personal conclusion. There are five main tips that every student should pay attention to while writing a high quality narrative essay.

Put aside all the thoughts like “I should make a search to pay someone to write my term paper” and listen to the simplest tips on how to complete the assignment without somebody else’s help. Writing term papers may be a great chance to learn more about the things you’re studying at college and improve your knowledge of the academic course. The paper is worth doing well. First of all, you will not only learn more, but you’ll also consider more deeply all the aspects related to the topic when typing words. Finally, a professionally written term paper is the right way towards the highest grades.

The reality is that no one likes restriction; therefore, there is no surprise that deadlines are at the top of the list when it comes to undesired things. However, we all face them regardless of how much we dislike them. A student can have high organizational skills and still face a tight deadline that will make him stay up all night. In order to make sure this kind of situation happens as less as possible, there is a couple of steps that are worth observing.

How to Write a Book Review?
February 28, 2014

College and university professors happen to be extremely interested in students’ viewpoints on the books which are included into the school curriculum. And no matter whether you’re a real bookworm or the only “book” you’ve managed to read through was the latest ‘Cosmopolitan’ – you must cope with the assignment. Unless you can work out supernatural skills in a flash, you can always make use of the simple tips given within the article. Do not press your luck because your college progress is what is on the line!

Process papers, as well known as “how to” papers, could be compared to cooking recipes. The idea behind them is to break the entire process into segments in order to explain and ease up the entire procedure. Sometimes, explaining a certain process might be much harder than it would seem at first. Thus, it is necessary to observe a couple of steps.

Writing a research paper is a task that almost every student gets at a certain point. Nevertheless, even the collocation ‘research paper’ itself can make some students feel a bit confused. So, to begin with, a research paper is like an expanded essay that presents your own opinion on a certain topic, based on analysis of information found in reliable sources. In a word, your task is to look through some articles, books or sites, collecting pieces of information you need for your research, and to outline your own thinking about statements and facts you have found in an accurate form. Sounds not very sophisticated in case you are really interested in the research topic, but what if the subject seems one of the dullest things ever and you can’t bring out any thoughts about it? There are always two ways, and now we will view both.

In order to analyze a book properly, one needs to understand that there is a great difference between analyzing and summarizing. While evaluating or analyzing, one is focusing on discussing certain strengths or weaknesses of a specific book. Furthermore, the idea behind summarizing is to simply lower down the word count and the number of pages. Moreover, the key of a good book analysis  is to create a balance. This doesn't mean that you should state your opinion if you believe that the book was dreadful; however, it is crucial to incorporate both sides, positive and negative.

Navigating through a bunch of online custom writing resources in order to pay someone to write your essay can be pretty overwhelming, especially if you’re in need of a credible information resource for the custom written project. To save your frustration and precious time, there are key points you must know to find the most reliable essay writing resources: surf in your home (local) library, travel through Wiki and Google, start with critical reading and refer to the articles.

The research paper is the term that most of the students hate to hear. However, the process of writing a high quality research paper doesn't have to be a nightmare. In order to prepare the paper it is important to remember what not to do. Everyone has their own idea of what should be done; however, each and every idea has the same attributes of what shouldn't be done. In order for one to get a clear picture of what is expected, it is important to understand what actions should be avoided.

A student who makes a decision to buy online assignment is usually overburdened with tons of homework. To say more, college and university professors tend to assign more and more tasks every day that should be completed within the deadline and up to the highest academic requirements. Thus, when deciding to buy engineering assignment or a research paper on the web, a needy student has simply no other way to go. How to select the most reliable custom writing agency online? How to pick the author to make sure he/she will complete the paper in accordance with your demands?


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