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Writing techniques

For many students conclusion might be the toughest portion of an essay. You can spend hours writing a perfect article, doing research, formatting, outlining, etc. And than you are thinking about the final words. Some writers don’t even think of how to write a conclusion or neglect to include it. However if it is lame, it can ruin the entire bulk work. Otherwise conclusion could be one of the strongest components of your essay.

You have definitely heard about the famous Pareto Principle. It’s up to you how you have to be faced with it – the easy way or the hard one. Just forget everything you know about Pareto Principle. Today we will teach you how to overcome all the Pareto Principle’s tiresome odds.

Are you having troubles trying to cope with the academic essay due tomorrow? There is no need to panic and go into hysterics! Just try the Freewriting technique described below to cast the shadows away from your academic life.

Today we will ponder over how to do a dissertation and, what is more important, how to survive the process! The point is that dissertation writing is not just about grabbing all your accomplishments and listing it one after another. The tips below represent dissertation writing as a creative and thought-provoking process you’re supposed to approach being armed with the effective tips given below.

How is it going with the promise you’ve given yourself to read more and, as the result, improve your writing? After reading the most fascinating story about how to write the best paper underneath the stars and absorbing all possible pieces of advice from some writing guide of 1000 pages written by home-made writers, here comes some precious and absolutely uncompromising knowledge from the legendary businessman David Ogilvy. The message he sent on September, 7, 1982 to all agency personnel, included priceless recommendations on how to write and do writing professionally.

There are some really good ways to get high quality free writing help and information on writing project that you can use later or implement straight away! There are just a few options available for free and we’ll take a good look at some of them.

Figures in Writing
July 11, 2013

When writing a scientific text, you can hardly avoid using numerals; and sometimes one has to use them even in writing on subjects less concerned with numbers – for example, literature or linguistics. Generally people just use them without thinking about the details – and many of them would probably be very much surprised to find out that figures in writing are used in accordance with a very definite set of rules. For you not to make any mistakes in this field, there are a few most important dos and don’ts about figures.

Are you stuck in the middle of writing process and cannot move on? Here comes John Steinbeck with his six simple tips on writing, picked from his brilliant interview in 1975. Nobel laureate, Pulitzer Prize-winner shared his precious experience and profound knowledge with the writers from all over the globe.

The Anatomy of a Table
July 05, 2013

A table is one of the most widely spread ways to summarize the data present in your work and present them in a form the readers can easily understand and analyze.

Writing is actually not always a fluent and consistent process. Being an artistic profession, it requires devotion, talent and also something more abstract – the thing that is called inspiration, or poetically, the muse. All authors without exception know the pain of writing under lack of inspiration. In such condition putting down every line is more like struggling, and if that’s not painstaking enough, the author will probably dislike the result in the end and send the entire page to trash. Dealing with such creativity blocks is never easy, but luckily there are some known techniques to overcome this problem.

Would you like to compel you reader right from the very first line of the whole piece of writing? Would you like to become a real virtuoso writer, who can easily make his audience believe in what is provided on a piece of paper? Would you like to overcome urgent and down-to-earth problems using the same techniques that creative ideas makers and scientists use?

This article aims to review tips for an empirical work, as it is an essential part of conducting the research. You are a student or research analyst, then, you have to know the approach and structure, methods and techniques in order to complete your empirical work. You are an entrepreneur, and you want to apply the results of the empirical work for your business purposes, then you need to be sure that it was conducted correctly. Hence, being familiar with simple tips for the correct study is very crucial regardless of your final objective.

As a rule, research skills are not taught at college at all – professors just assume students already know or they just can figure out how to conduct a thorough research on their own. This article is developed to help students to get basic research skills of finding, organizing and availing of the information they need to put together in a solid research project.

If you’d like to convince your readers to agree with your viewpoint or do something, persuasion is the best way to present your case that others find useful to agree with. You just provide them with an offer they cannot refuse, but make sure you’re not manipulative. Luckily, there are many techniques that can ease your life and they actually work!

Proofreading Tips
April 23, 2013

To err is human. Even the most prominent and skilled writers that have a huge number of publications confess that, in general, they are constant offenders. Every writer can “boast” of having a certain mistake, like a particular misspelled word or logically wrong phrase that pops up in their materials from time to time.

If you’re a blogger than you know how it feels when you lose your imagination, when nothing seems to inspire you, when words are not multicolored anymore but just black and white… There’s no need to panic for the reason that every writer for at least once in his lifetime felt like his muse left him for good. Fortunately, that’s not a problem at all! Inspiration, muses and the other things like that come back especially when you’ve got fast Internet connection and useful tips to follow.

Have you ever been up to your neck in studying or brainstorming an idea, only to find yourself at the end with hundreds of pages of information, but not the slightest idea of how all the material you’ve found fits together? Exactly in such nightmares mind mapping comes in handy.

Brainstorming does provide unlimited resources for essay writing. Actually, many writers and professional academicians employ various brainstorming techniques prior to writing the next piece of work.


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