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Richard Nixon Essay: The First President to Submit

richard-nixon-essayThose who do nothing are not remembered at all. All the people are remembered either for making good things, bad things or extraordinary ones. Thirty seventh President of the United States of America Richard Nixon during the years of his rule had won a reputation that will remain in history as the first and so far the last commander-in-chief of the United States who resigned. The decision to leave the post of the President was made in order to avoid impeachment, which he was threatened to get because of the scoop, better known as "Watergate scandal".


During the period of his presidency there were many events as significant ones and those which many prefer not to be remembered at all. But in any case, Richard Nixon will forever remain in the history as an odious person, causing a lot of talk, even these days. Richard Nixon had four brothers: Harold, Donald, Arthur and Ed. Four out of five boys were named after British kings, Richard was named after Richard the Lionheart. There were many difficulties during his childhood and poverty was prevalent. Later he quoted Eisenhower’s statement to describe his childhood: "We were poor, but the positive side of it was that we did not know that". Richard had spent a couple of years in the Soviet Union. The company "Lena Goldfields” was developing Degtyarskoye copper mine from 1925 to 1930, so Richard's parents worked at this company and they were sent on a business trip to Degtyarsk.

Political career of Richard Nixon began in 1946, when, according to the list of Republican Party, he was elected as a member of the US House of Representatives from California. In 1948 he was re-elected to Congress. As a member of the Congress Committee on anti-American activities, Richard Nixon showed himself as an active participant in the anti-communist sphere, known for his investigation of the case Alger Hiss, a former State Department employee who was accused of having connections with the Communist Party of the USA.

In 1950, he was elected as a US senator from California. During a tense election campaign, he had groundlessly called his rival as a supporter of the Communists. During this period he got the nickname - "Tricky Dick”. During the elections in 1952, Richard Nixon won and held the post as a Vice-President. And it was in 1968 when Richard Nixon announced his candidacy for the post of the President, regardless of influential candidates - Romney, Rockefeller and Reagan. He won the elections in 1968 and became the President of the USA.

He implemented "Vietnamization" policy and in 1973, he made peace with North Vietnam according to which American soldiers returned home. There are two victories on his diplomatic front: restoration of relations between the US and China and the signing of the first agreement with the Soviet Union on the limitation of strategic arms.

But were it not for the “Watergate Scandal”, Richard Nixon would have been re-elected as the President for the second term.During his election campaign, five people were arrested. They have illegally entered the headquarters of the Democratic Party in the Watergate in Washington building. White House had tried to cover his connection to the incident in this way making everything even worse. Eventually tapes with the President’s involvement were found and everything became known to public. By 1974 it became clear that the Congress is going to dismiss him from the office and put on trial, so the decision was made and Richard Nixon became the first US President to submit.


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