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Essay Writing Tips

In order to protect student’s civil rights, as well as limit pointlessly harsh school discipline, the US President began to call on school security to make sure the local police role is clearly defined and limited.

The experts of the US departments of Education and Justice have provided the brand new resources to both – the recruiting and training school resource officers. In other words, they’re about to reshape school discipline through pushing back against the policies known for their zero tolerance.

Nowadays, a lot of universities all over Europe provide various international Master’s degree programs. In order to join any of them, each applicant is required to send a range of documents, such as Bachelor’s degree diploma, CV, language certificate and so on. One of the keystone elements that will help you to get closer to the desired university is knowing how to write a motivation letter.

How to Write a Seminar Report
February 03, 2017

Even though the main task of education is to develop students' creative skills, the knowledge of how to write a seminar report involves rather practical and specific points that have to be taken into account. The understanding of how to write a seminar report will be of assistance not only in student's studies but also in a later scientific or industry career while writing reports or conference papers. Undertaking this task, a writer has to consider the structure, layout, and wording of the report.

Today, almost every human resources manager is searching for the most effective ways to evaluate the performance of the personnel and employee reviews are actively adopted by the companies. Also, feedback is an integral part of almost any company’s annual activity, so it is required to know how to write a review for your manager. While it may sound easy to complete an assessment of one’s performance, in truth, it is more complicated and requires an employee to understand some aspects of the manager’s actions and not to miss a big picture of the manager’s performance. Considering all these complications, it is important to know the basic principles of how to write a review for your manager.


Restaurant reviews are one of the most frequently searched among all review types because most people carefully choose a place to eat. Therefore, being aware of how to write a restaurant review can help a reviewer to become acknowledged and popular in a short period of time. Moreover, the knowledge of how to write a restaurant review would benefit not only a reviewer but also potential clients because they will be aware of the restaurants located nearby, therefore, it would be easier for them to choose the best place to have a dinner.


How to Write a Science Report
February 03, 2017

Knowing how to write a science report is significantly important for the school, college, and university students as they are often required to perform scientific researches and projects. The mark for such work crucially depends on the way it is presented in a report; thus it is essential to make sure that the writing describes the study accurately, clearly, and with a proper formatting. When one learns how to write a science report, he/she prevents his/her work from being underestimated because of the formalization elements and is able to concentrate on the quality of a content.


If you approach those classmates of yours who have outstanding writing skills, they will happily tell you how to write professionally – just like any doctor advising you to ‘eat healthy and exercise regularly.’ But the truth is that changing the way you write (and eat as well) may happen only when you finally realize what is the reason standing behind what you do. Here are a few academic writing tips with which you will get some great results

If you want your writing to be next to perfect, make sure to respond powerfully and clearly to your audience and to watch the way you write. It’s not really important what kind of educational or cultural background you have, ensure to take a look at the following essay writing tips that will help you to enhance communication effectiveness.   



What do we usually do, when we have to listen to a boring speaker? We’re fighting off sleepiness, checking the latest posts on Facebook and Twitter, and simply daydreaming. In other words, we do our best to survive till the end of that public speaking hell. But the reality is that sooner or later we all have to take the place of the public speaker. And when we finally do, it’s up to us to make our speech motivational and inspiring to ensure none of the listeners go to see Morpheus instead of getting tortured with your talking.


For many students conclusion might be the toughest portion of an essay. You can spend hours writing a perfect article, doing research, formatting, outlining, etc. And than you are thinking about the final words. Some writers don’t even think of how to write a conclusion or neglect to include it. However if it is lame, it can ruin the entire bulk work. Otherwise conclusion could be one of the strongest components of your essay.

Talking about the basic principles of human rights, it’s worth noting that these are ancient. But the truth is that only in the last fifty years human rights groups have begun to show up here and there. For instance, a well-known Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted in 1948 by the representatives of the General Assembly of the United Nations. It included various areas that people were focused on: food, health care, education, etc. Nowadays it doesn’t matter what they advocate for – be it improvement of primary school attendance or protection for the rights of the sex workers. The fact is that the members of the human rights groups are increasingly broaden the area of their interests and influence as well. Excessive interest in global advocacy campaigns provides us with an opportunity to highlight some of the most influential human rights organizations that conduct significant advocacy on a global scale.

Do you want to be a better writer? Of course, you do, unless you’ve clicked this page accidentally. Excellent writing is definitely a sort of an art and, to be honest, it can be pretty intimidating. But no need to worry if your prose is stuck somewhere at the pre-school level! There are some basic writing tips – even sort of science – behind the art of writing. Let us bring some light to the most popular ones.

An academic assignment to write a narrative essay is a regular task in any field. This type of writing is used to show up the author’s experiences in his own way and draw his personal conclusions. In other words, the narrative type of the essay proves its point by delicately guiding it to the readers. By following the basic narrative writing tips, you have an opportunity to improve your skills in creating this type of assignment.


If you do writing on a non-professional basis – even if you have some flair for it – you may think that to write an essay or an article is all there is to it. But that’s a misconception which prevents you from getting the best results. Proofreading is essential, and as an activity it’s not as dull and tedious as it sounds – on the contrary, adjusting your text to match your thoughts perfectly is fascinating.


Actually, expert proofreaders are skilled to no lesser extent than writers. Here’re the principles to follow to make the most of proofreading your work:

So, the worst came to worst: an especially unpleasant essay is due tomorrow morning and you haven’t written a word of it. There is nobody to ask for help; writing services won’t accept an order at such a short notice and you don’t trust them anyway. You have absolutely no thoughts concerning what to write, and you cannot think about anything else but all the dreadful consequences it will lead to. What can you do, you ask yourself?


Actually, a lot of things.


Essay on Teacher's Salary
February 04, 2015

School teachers are the key figures of the society. They deeply influence children, their development, convictions and behavior. They carry various and significant responsibilities and duties: they conduct classes, keep an eye on pupils and monitor their activities as well as conduct and reaction of children during the lesson. They have to treat young children carefully, with respect to their dignity and honor in order not to hurt anybody. In addition, teachers have to be good mentors for the students, controlling their intellectual, social and emotional growth. At the same time, teacher’s salary is not sufficient for the specialists of such a high qualification. Therefore, many people consider that it is necessary to raise teachers’ salaries in order to improve the quality of education. Thus there are lot of discussions in the community about the necessity of the salary increase and the ways to do it.

Electoral College: What Is It?
February 03, 2015

Electoral College is a team of people who elect the President or the head of the state. Such system exists not only in the United States, but also in Estonia, France (for the Senate), Kazakhstan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Hong Kong, Madagascar, Trinidad and Tobago and Burundi. Many other countries hold nationwide presidential elections.

The freedom of the country depends on the patriotism of its nation. A person, whose heart is full of patriotism, will always be there when the time to sacrifice his life for the freedom of the Motherland comes. In some extent, patriotism makes you immortal.

What is patriotism? Let’s not search for high-sounding words that describe patriotism and define it as a mere mortal can. Men love the country they were born in. They exert every effort to keep it safe and happy. This feeling one can call patriotism – one of the most precious virtues of an individual and a noble state of mind.

Were you ever faced with the situation, when it was all about … race? In this or that form, everyone has encountered it at least once in his lifetime. Maybe an individual with a different skin color was unfairly treated just because of his race. Or, perhaps you’ve seen how a person was provided with some privileges only because of his origin. There are a lot of examples to be revealed if you search for some and all of them can be called an act of racism.

If you open a dictionary and search for the definition of the word “racism”, you will face the fact that racism is a strong belief that this or that race is superior to all the rest. And that is how discrimination is born. The definition is clear and the most precise one.

I still recall the shooting at Newtown. 20 innocent people were murdered. 20 kids passed away and the tragedy still horrifies everyone, who remembers it.


This one incident, especially its scale and savagery is the starting step that government should take in order to begin the serious conversation about the gun control laws. Without a doubt, this is the moment of crisis, but it should provide a community with a chance to restructure this discourse and prevent such massacres in the future.

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