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Blog - Page 5

Essay on Teacher's Salary
February 04, 2015

School teachers are the key figures of the society. They deeply influence children, their development, convictions and behavior. They carry various and significant responsibilities and duties: they conduct classes, keep an eye on pupils and monitor their activities as well as conduct and reaction of children during the lesson. They have to treat young children carefully, with respect to their dignity and honor in order not to hurt anybody. In addition, teachers have to be good mentors for the students, controlling their intellectual, social and emotional growth. At the same time, teacher’s salary is not sufficient for the specialists of such a high qualification. Therefore, many people consider that it is necessary to raise teachers’ salaries in order to improve the quality of education. Thus there are lot of discussions in the community about the necessity of the salary increase and the ways to do it.

Electoral College: What Is It?
February 03, 2015

Electoral College is a team of people who elect the President or the head of the state. Such system exists not only in the United States, but also in Estonia, France (for the Senate), Kazakhstan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Hong Kong, Madagascar, Trinidad and Tobago and Burundi. Many other countries hold nationwide presidential elections.

The freedom of the country depends on the patriotism of its nation. A person, whose heart is full of patriotism, will always be there when the time to sacrifice his life for the freedom of the Motherland comes. In some extent, patriotism makes you immortal.

What is patriotism? Let’s not search for high-sounding words that describe patriotism and define it as a mere mortal can. Men love the country they were born in. They exert every effort to keep it safe and happy. This feeling one can call patriotism – one of the most precious virtues of an individual and a noble state of mind.

Were you ever faced with the situation, when it was all about … race? In this or that form, everyone has encountered it at least once in his lifetime. Maybe an individual with a different skin color was unfairly treated just because of his race. Or, perhaps you’ve seen how a person was provided with some privileges only because of his origin. There are a lot of examples to be revealed if you search for some and all of them can be called an act of racism.

If you open a dictionary and search for the definition of the word “racism”, you will face the fact that racism is a strong belief that this or that race is superior to all the rest. And that is how discrimination is born. The definition is clear and the most precise one.

I still recall the shooting at Newtown. 20 innocent people were murdered. 20 kids passed away and the tragedy still horrifies everyone, who remembers it.


This one incident, especially its scale and savagery is the starting step that government should take in order to begin the serious conversation about the gun control laws. Without a doubt, this is the moment of crisis, but it should provide a community with a chance to restructure this discourse and prevent such massacres in the future.

Power is one of the aspects that may change a human being in many various ways. It can make one so greedy that he will be ready to do anything to take his place in the ruling clique. The play Macbeth shows this very well and throughout the whole story the reader can notice various examples on how greed can influence a human’s heart. Within this essay we’ll try to compare the characters that easily get pulled in this greed for power to those who can keep their hearts and minds clear.

There’s a bunch of reasons to have perfect skills in writing. One of the most important is communication. The thing is that if you can’t boast of having good writing skills, you’re going to fail to communicate with your readers.

Before you make a decision to pay to write an essay, carefully read all the recommendations and tips provided within the article. First thing the author of the essay on eating disorders should remember is the fact that informative projects are the most challenging. The thing is that you are supposed to take the role of an expert for your readers, who are most likely not familiar with the topic you’re investigating. This brings a lot of pressure on the writer to be both interested in the writing and informative aspects. What you are required to do is to properly structure and plan out your project in a certain way.

The majority of colleges and universities all over the world provide their applicants with the same task – to complete an admission essay. First thing you, as a potential applicant, should keep in mind is that there are three key types of admission essays. Here they are: papers about an applicant himself, essay on why an applicant have chosen this very university and finally – creative types of writing. No matter what kind of an admission essay you give preference to – every assignment includes three “must haves”: thorough research, perfect grammar and well-thought-out writing style. To say more, a professionally written essay must be proofread to point out the spelling mistakes.

The topic of the forgotten genocide may be an integral part of many academic courses, starting from the sociology courses and ending with the world history. The writing task about how cruel life may be is not just one of the ways to check out your prose, but also an instrument that must make you remember, ponder over and come up with the certain conclusions regarding the genocide. A good example of the topic may be revealed by writing the Armenian genocide essay. As nowadays we are almost reaching 100 year point since the Armenian tragedy of 1915 was brought by the Ottoman Turks, the issue still bothers and horrifies our generation. Make sure to start the essay by stating the deeply saddening fact that Ottoman Armenian genocide is not yet recognized by the United States federal government.

Writing the genocide essay related to the events in Rwanda, make sure to state that the Rwandan genocide has links with the mass slaughter in the country in 1994. The politically moderate Hutu and ethnic Tutsi peoples were murdered in the era of Rwandan genocide. Essay of this kind is a serious and demanding, but a thorough research on Rwanda genocide facts will give you a solid base for the investigation. In order to make sure you’ve covered all the facts related to the topic, use the “top five” questions – What? When? Where? Who? How? These guidelines will help you to go the right way and to reach the desirable point of destination.

So here it goes. You’re assigned with a task to produce a well-researched, professionally written and logically organized essay on how to choose a career path. First thing you should do is … start breathing! Choosing a career essay is not scary as hell and you will most likely cope with it in a couple of hours. So, breathe in, breathe out and…get it done! If you surf on the web (and you definitely will!), you will find out that there are tons of career essay examples. Each of them includes tips, guidelines, recommendations, some given by experienced psychologists and some left by know-it-all freelance writers. But today you are required to generate your own picking a career or career goals essay and you must complete the essay within the required deadline.

So you’re assigned with the task to get the Benjamin Franklin writings done? An essay about Mister $100 will definitely take time. Besides, the essay will require a proper and detailed research on Benjamin Franklin biography. The paper and research that are involved within the essay on good old Ben Franklin is not that scary and we are going to prove that in this article by providing you with a pack of hot tips on the process of writing such an assignment.

In order to write a good narrative essay, it is important to remember that the main goal is to describe certain events while creating a story. Moreover, it is important to clarify some facts while still leaving enough room for a reader to bring his own personal conclusion. There are five main tips that every student should pay attention to while writing a high quality narrative essay.

Put aside all the thoughts like “I should make a search to pay someone to write my term paper” and listen to the simplest tips on how to complete the assignment without somebody else’s help. Writing term papers may be a great chance to learn more about the things you’re studying at college and improve your knowledge of the academic course. The paper is worth doing well. First of all, you will not only learn more, but you’ll also consider more deeply all the aspects related to the topic when typing words. Finally, a professionally written term paper is the right way towards the highest grades.

The reality is that no one likes restriction; therefore, there is no surprise that deadlines are at the top of the list when it comes to undesired things. However, we all face them regardless of how much we dislike them. A student can have high organizational skills and still face a tight deadline that will make him stay up all night. In order to make sure this kind of situation happens as less as possible, there is a couple of steps that are worth observing.

How to Write a Book Review?
February 28, 2014

College and university professors happen to be extremely interested in students’ viewpoints on the books which are included into the school curriculum. And no matter whether you’re a real bookworm or the only “book” you’ve managed to read through was the latest ‘Cosmopolitan’ – you must cope with the assignment. Unless you can work out supernatural skills in a flash, you can always make use of the simple tips given within the article. Do not press your luck because your college progress is what is on the line!

Process papers, as well known as “how to” papers, could be compared to cooking recipes. The idea behind them is to break the entire process into segments in order to explain and ease up the entire procedure. Sometimes, explaining a certain process might be much harder than it would seem at first. Thus, it is necessary to observe a couple of steps.

Scientific writing is special in every way. It is important to acknowledge a distinctive level of attention that is necessary to accomplish this task properly. A scientific paper is different from a novel or any other form of writing. There are several important notes that should be observed in order to avoid common mistakes.

Writing a research paper is a task that almost every student gets at a certain point. Nevertheless, even the collocation ‘research paper’ itself can make some students feel a bit confused. So, to begin with, a research paper is like an expanded essay that presents your own opinion on a certain topic, based on analysis of information found in reliable sources. In a word, your task is to look through some articles, books or sites, collecting pieces of information you need for your research, and to outline your own thinking about statements and facts you have found in an accurate form. Sounds not very sophisticated in case you are really interested in the research topic, but what if the subject seems one of the dullest things ever and you can’t bring out any thoughts about it? There are always two ways, and now we will view both.

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