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Are you a college student? If yes, then we’ve got bad news for you. The thing is that you will most likely be faced with unemployment or some job, where a high school degree is all they need. The sad truth is that the economy of the United States and United Kingdom is not anywhere close to providing the college graduates with new jobs within the workforce sector.

You won’t believe it, but today reading is en vogue again. But it does not mean that you have to get back to those painful days, when you had to dive into ‘Hamlet’ and ‘Beowulf’ as a high school student. College is the time, when you have a stunning opportunity to expand your book list and include some hot bestsellers into it. Whether you’re a fan of autobiographical or fiction literature, consider the following reads and find out what it’s like to be inspired by the printed words!

What does a needy student require to succeed in a class? A little bit of free time, a cup of favourite coffee and online in-depth directory full of the most useful resources and links within a range of specific subject areas. The web sites that are discussed below will provide you with a quick view on how the best and most reliable electronic resources should look like. The online resources are at your disposal whether you are a freshman or a graduate student.

For almost three decades the number of foreign students coming to the USA universities and colleges has dropped significantly. According to the latest researches, the enrollments from the mainland Europe have declined by almost 4 500 during the last year. As for the students being recruited to the United States colleges from Pakistan and India, their overall number has also dropped by almost 25% in the last year, experts revealed. The disclosure is the result of the annual tuition fees raise as well as the student visa controls’ tightening up.


A lot of novels nowadays claim to be the most prominent love stories of all times. But when the question is about “The Great Gatsby”, this statement can be applied unconditionally.


When the question is about the ISP or the information search process, the definition is usually related to the procedure of information seeking behavior that includes six basic stages. The ISP term is applied to the area of information science and libraries. For the very first time it was suggested by Carol Kuhlthau more than 15 years ago.

Do you want to be a better writer? Of course, you do, unless you’ve clicked this page accidentally. Excellent writing is definitely a sort of an art and, to be honest, it can be pretty intimidating. But no need to worry if your prose is stuck somewhere at the pre-school level! There are some basic writing tips – even sort of science – behind the art of writing. Let us bring some light to the most popular ones.

The basic definition of the case study states that the matter concerns the arbitrary contemporary phenomenon. As a rule, the case studies are distinguished within the frames of the experiments in particular. The case studies require professional researchers to investigate the phenomenon without affecting the subject of the study. However, the strength of the conclusions taken from the case studies is not that high and that is why multiple case studies are used. There are only a few situations when the multiple cases cannot be used for the reason that they provide no robustness to the overall results.

Even though more and more people prefer to read Dickens or Fitzgerald from their e-devices, books are still an excellent way to learn something new about absolutely trivial things, to experience adventure thrills, investigate the past and look into the future. Whether it’s ‘Wuthering Heights’, ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’ or ‘How to Stop Worrying and Start Living’, books must regain their place in your daily routine. With that in mind, we have generated a list of reliable and well-organized book review web sites. But before we proceed to the sites hit-parade, let us clarify what the book review is. The manner concerns a type of a literary criticism that includes detailed analysis of the book style, content and originality as well.

If you think that college life is dull and is a total waste of time, make sure you don’t actually miss all the fun! In order to make an academic routine a bit brighter, some professors and their students truly work magic in the classrooms! A creative art teacher in the Wyoming middle school provides his students with a stunning insight into how to inspire creativity in the students. The teacher creates wonderful chalkboard drawings for his students in order to prove that sometimes one can do a lot with the simplest materials. Besides, that kind of drawings is a great opportunity for the teacher to illustrate what the concept of shading is. When the time to erase the little masterpieces comes, the teacher doesn’t mind because, as he says, “there’s always something nice about know that it will be erased sooner or later.”

If you have already been a college or university student and you had to move to the other area to study, then you know what it feels like to be in a whirl. Any individual, who moves to a completely different region, whether it is within the same city, state or country, gets through some stress as well as several stages of acculturation before he or she becomes absolutely adjusted to the new environment. Typically, these stages have many names, but there are the easiest ones that everyone can easily keep in mind. Here they are: ‘honeymoon’, ‘hostility’, ‘humour’, ‘home’.

An academic assignment to write a narrative essay is a regular task in any field. This type of writing is used to show up the author’s experiences in his own way and draw his personal conclusions. In other words, the narrative type of the essay proves its point by delicately guiding it to the readers. By following the basic narrative writing tips, you have an opportunity to improve your skills in creating this type of assignment.

College or university may seem to be a pretty scary place for the freshmen, especially for those, who start their academic year in a foreign country. Making friends in a new place can turn into a huge stress. English is not your native tongue. You’ve grown up in a small town, where you know the name of every citizen and you never had to make friends with a stranger. Your culture is different. All these factors can seriously throw you off when you are faced with the fact that you have to get used to a new home. Nonetheless, just a little work and effort on your side and you will be able to boast of a bunch of pals!

Leaving sweet home and going to an unknown land can be pretty stressful even if you have planned it all from A to Z. The first thing you face and have to deal with is a culture shock. Nonetheless, one should realize that such experience is not long-lasting and quite normal. It covers the shock of moving from a native culture (land) and joining the one that is unfamiliar, which means meeting new people and getting used to a new environment. It is also about the shock of being far from the people you love, such as friends, moms and dads, colleagues and neighbors, who used to give you support and guidance in everyday life.


If you do writing on a non-professional basis – even if you have some flair for it – you may think that to write an essay or an article is all there is to it. But that’s a misconception which prevents you from getting the best results. Proofreading is essential, and as an activity it’s not as dull and tedious as it sounds – on the contrary, adjusting your text to match your thoughts perfectly is fascinating.


Actually, expert proofreaders are skilled to no lesser extent than writers. Here’re the principles to follow to make the most of proofreading your work:

So, the worst came to worst: an especially unpleasant essay is due tomorrow morning and you haven’t written a word of it. There is nobody to ask for help; writing services won’t accept an order at such a short notice and you don’t trust them anyway. You have absolutely no thoughts concerning what to write, and you cannot think about anything else but all the dreadful consequences it will lead to. What can you do, you ask yourself?


Actually, a lot of things.


Theoretically, personal relationships, beliefs, likes and dislikes should not play any role in communication with professors: tutors should treat their students only according to their achievements, without anything devolving to personal level. In reality, however, it is not always true. Sometimes a professor takes a dislike to a student because of something about him: his political views, his background, his attitude, his appearance, after all. And although sometimes it is impossible to predict what will bring about your tutor’s dissatisfaction and what will not, some rules are universal and it is better to follow them whatever your positions are on the other things.

Student slang has probably been in existence for as long as there are students. After all, it is almost the law of nature – when people constitute a group clearly separated from the majority, they always try to establish a sense of identity. And the way of speaking is a great way to emphasize the difference from outsiders.

That’s why students create their own words and expressions. However, don’t expect them to be concentrated on terms dealing with scholarly activities – college students have a lot of other things to talk about.

It is quite obvious that such kind of unregulated language varies from college to college and, to a greater extent, from country to country. British students may have hard time trying to figure out what their American counterparts are talking about, and vice versa.

Nowadays, when emancipation of women finally became true and complete, nobody is entitled to impose them any dress code. They can wear short dresses, skirts, trousers, shorts, flimsy tops whenever and wherever they want. Some of them even go topless in public places. In certain cases it provokes public outrage. Or police officers might consider that these ladies break the law and arrest them. Therefore there are many discussions and debates among different people. Some of them consider that there are certain fundamental women’s rights and it’s their private matter what to wear. The other opponents think that it is not safe to go topless outdoors; that it breaks the traditions and disturbs the public peace. Let’s study the details of the problem and try to understand them.


The Flea” is a love poem that describes erotic feelings of the author by means of colorful, illustrative metaphors. In this composition, Donne appeals to his fair one in order to seduce her and to convince her to have sex with him. He speaks about the spiritual significance of relationship between a man and a woman and versifies his love to her. This classical poem is lyrical and romantic, sarcastic and metaphysical at the same time. The poet uses the flea to describe the sense of love, marriage and sexual unity. It is difficult to comprehend it because of deep philosophical meaning of comparisons. In addition, it is a religious sonnet that depicts sin, blood and violence. Therefore, in order to grasp the sense of the poem, let’s think over the age of John Donne and traditions of literature of the 17th century.


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