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Imagine you’re assigned with the task to complete an essay for the next-day English class. Your settle in to work on your assignment in your own room. It might be excellently arranged, cozy and with a huge assortment of items you might need like pencils, notebooks, your laptop, cards, etc. You’re so focused on your ideas and make sure they’re smoothly flowing on the piece of paper. But wait. What’s that? A new Facebook message? Oh, and the guy you fancy has just “liked” your photo from the summer trip! That definitely requires some immediate reaction. Besides, your sister wants you to help with her search for the iPod. That would be funny if it weren't so sadly true to life.

When the American Career Institute got closed, over 1 000 students were left behind the locked doors. A lot of young people had just a few weeks remaining in their programs before they’d receive the desired certificate. When the moment of closing came, they realized that more than one year of education was needed. The credits previously paid for the education wouldn’t transfer to the other educational establishment, while a lot of students failed to find a similar program in the neighborhood. That is why many students gave up on college and focused on the job. Some of them are still hoping their students loans will be forgiven one day by the authorities. In other words, young boys and girls are stuck in the middle of nowhere.

If you’re a college student, writing a research paper is the task you’ve definitely faced during your course. And if writing a project itself is something that you can handle at least somehow, the majority of students hate editing their own projects. They tend to skip this stage, and when they do it, they lower their chances of getting the desired degree. The point is that cleaning the text and cutting unnecessary sentences are a must at the stage, when you’re required to polish your paper.

A lot of high school English teachers have seen the singular use of the word "they" more than once and of course have been crossing it out. So many red pens have been used to bring in the right corrections based on the traditional gender binary of the words "she" and "he". But the reality is – we have to implement some pronoun change!

Mobility scooters personal mobility craze is getting unbelievably common among old people. These devices are a product that needs to be taken seriously. First of all, they’re ubiquitous: in accordance with the report provided by the RICA (Research Institute for Consumer Affairs), there are somewhere between 300 000 – 350 000 of mobility scooters in the United Kingdom and near 80 000 are sold annually. In other words, UK appears to be the biggest scooter market on the European continent. The Netherlands, where the devices are known as the alternative for the pensioners, takes the second place.


It’s Stella McCartney that we all should thank for pioneering the vegan leather movement in the houte couture industry. But at the moment both luxury brands and designers tend to join in, thus, making faux leather not only environment-friendly, but en vogue as well.

Hyper Light Drifter, inspired by heart disease, is nominated to be one of the best games of 2016. It starts with a dazzling explosion and reminds a regular sci-fi story of alien invasion, however, the scenes of slaughter are the views of the main character. The game resembles a classic console adventure from 90s. A player dashes through forests and lagoons, fights wild animals and knights with a gun and a sword, every detail is executed with care.

On July 15 an attempt of coup d'etat was undertaken in Turkey. As a result 265 people were killed and about thousand were injured. Moreover, thousands of militaries, prosecutors, civil servants and judges were arrested or dismissed from their positions during the investigation into the plot.

One of the main issues of higher education is student retention. After the economic crisis in 2008, the graduation rates have decreased and today there are just a few experts who work efficiently on this problem. Only 66 percent of universities develop effective programs to increase student retention.

Good creative work starts with brainstorming. This technique is a great instrument for a team to create progressive ideas, solutions, products and services. It has been successfully used for centuries. Nowadays, brainstorming is an exciting and effective method to develop a long list of possible solutions for a certain problem.

The representatives of the government are questioning whether the recent tuition fees rise (up to 9 000 pounds) at some of the local universities can be justified and allowed. Besides, they’re trying to understand whether the price reflects the quality level of the education being provided.

Usually called ‘Monaco of the East’, tropical Singapore has become a total hotspot with cool skyscrapers, efficient infrastructure and Formula 1 night racing. Since 1970’s the city has been on track to an enormous economic progress. Much of its success can be attributed to the efforts of Lee Kuan Yew, who was the first prime minister of Singapore. Lee Kuan Yew was in office during the period from 1959 to 1990.  

If you approach those classmates of yours who have outstanding writing skills, they will happily tell you how to write professionally – just like any doctor advising you to ‘eat healthy and exercise regularly.’ But the truth is that changing the way you write (and eat as well) may happen only when you finally realize what is the reason standing behind what you do. Here are a few academic writing tips with which you will get some great results

When the speaking about the 20th century, you won’t find a better boxer than Muhammad Ali. The USA former heavyweight champion and one of the most significant figures in the domain of sport was the very first fighter, who succeeded in capturing the heavyweight status three times. An Olympic gold medalist, Ali has successfully won 56 times during his professional era that lasted for 21 years. His outstanding views on politics, race and religion made him a controversial persona of his time.

Do you think charm has anything to do with the psychopath? Definitely. Some people say that originally a charm was kind of similar to what we call ‘a spell’ or ‘an incantation.’

Getting ready for the exam may be as hard as passing one. It can be extremely hard to keep in mind academic material and be able to reproduce it when needed. If you feel like the world is crashing down on you and getting focused on the test seems impossible, consider using the following recommendations to make the studying process as comfortable as possible.

Those of you, who start trembling the very moment professor is around the corner, are extremely happy that emails have been invented.

Either you’re too afraid to have a tête–à–tête conversation with your tutor, or his schedule is too busy which is when you are facing the necessity to write and send an academic email. When working on one, make sure to generate an appropriate and specific subject for your letter.

Every time looking at the diamond, remember that it’s not only aesthetically beautiful, but also a symbol of eternal love, passion, commitment and romance as it is. The name of the stone comes from the word of Greek language ‘adamas’ that sounds in English as ‘unconquerable.’ Probably, the very name of the treasure stone lends itself perfectly to the stone’s historic commemoration of pure love.

Writing block. If you face the task to generate content from time to time, or you’re a professional writer and are proud of your prose, you’ve definitely experienced one of those moments, when the words seem to stuck in the middle of nowhere. That’s what they call a serial productivity killer or a writer block.

Even if you stand too far from up-to-date developments and the physics area in general, you have definitely heard of a famous physicist Stephen Hawking. This renowned individual has prided himself making each of his complicated physical concepts easily accessible for the global community and writing a well-known bestseller called ‘A Brief History of Time.’

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