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In order to analyze a book properly, one needs to understand that there is a great difference between analyzing and summarizing. While evaluating or analyzing, one is focusing on discussing certain strengths or weaknesses of a specific book. Furthermore, the idea behind summarizing is to simply lower down the word count and the number of pages. Moreover, the key of a good book analysis  is to create a balance. This doesn't mean that you should state your opinion if you believe that the book was dreadful; however, it is crucial to incorporate both sides, positive and negative.

Navigating through a bunch of online custom writing resources in order to pay someone to write your essay can be pretty overwhelming, especially if you’re in need of a credible information resource for the custom written project. To save your frustration and precious time, there are key points you must know to find the most reliable essay writing resources: surf in your home (local) library, travel through Wiki and Google, start with critical reading and refer to the articles.

The research paper is the term that most of the students hate to hear. However, the process of writing a high quality research paper doesn't have to be a nightmare. In order to prepare the paper it is important to remember what not to do. Everyone has their own idea of what should be done; however, each and every idea has the same attributes of what shouldn't be done. In order for one to get a clear picture of what is expected, it is important to understand what actions should be avoided.

A student who makes a decision to buy online assignment is usually overburdened with tons of homework. To say more, college and university professors tend to assign more and more tasks every day that should be completed within the deadline and up to the highest academic requirements. Thus, when deciding to buy engineering assignment or a research paper on the web, a needy student has simply no other way to go. How to select the most reliable custom writing agency online? How to pick the author to make sure he/she will complete the paper in accordance with your demands?

Finally, the high school is over, you are a fortunate person and you have already decided, which universities you are going to apply. Perhaps there is a special university, the one you would like to study at the most. But how can you make the admission tutors notice your application among hundreds of others and, moreover, accept you as a student? The answer is simple – you should do your best at personal statement writing. Grades are important, but they do not tell much about you as an individual. Tutors know nothing about you, for them you are just another paper application. So try and make them see the best of you through your personal statement.

Being a student is fun – you're not completely grown up yet, but at the same time childhood is over and you can get hold of your own life. You hang out, go to parties, have wonderful journeys and your biggest troubles are the necessity of studying... and the lack of money. Eventually you will find out, that it is really uncomfortable to ask your parents for cash every time you realize you're broke. That leads to another realization – if you do not want to be obliged to report all your expenses to your relatives, it is necessary to get an independent source of income. And that is when the job search starts.

Good-quality article reviews are commonly required in studying of certain important scientific research papers. An article review is expected to give a detailed summary and the writer’s opinion on the topic investigated by the article’s author. Sometimes a single review can contain a synthesis of few selected articles referring to the same topic investigating by different authors. Article reviews mostly should initiate a discussion in the group of students or researchers.

It is always a surprise and a challenge when you tutor gives you a task on writing a poem. Poetry is considered to be quite a special form of literary art – it is mostly about inspiration, emotions and feelings. You could take literary classes and write a scientifically correct novel, a well-structured detective story or a thought through feuilleton. Still, poetry is not only about rhymes and rules, it was created to let people express themselves, their emotional state, through words. So what should you do if you got such an unusual assignment? How can you write a poem while not being a poet? Where is inspiration to be found?

Not that much time has passed since the end of the Christmas break and the difficulties of coursework writing seem quite distant to every normal student. There are many other casual, short and urgent assignments to do and they take up a lot of time. Nevertheless, perhaps this year you should change your attitude towards your coursework. For a change you could try to act differently now and decide afterwords, which way of accomplishing your coursework you like. We've prepared three main coursework writing tips for you – try them out!

It is always hard to pick yourself up after Christmas break and get involved into studying right away. It seems impossible to concentrate on essay writing or on reading and understanding new material, not to mention listening to lectures. You get stuck in the middle of the sentence, and five minutes later you find yourself staring blankly at the wall. Everything seems more interesting than work, and that fact makes you face some problems, like missing the deadlines and getting more and more tangled among all of your assignments. Fortunately, there is a cure for this “after holidays” disease.

Essay writing is one of the most important skills that you, as a college and university student, should know in order to achieve success in your every day academic life and beyond it. The thing is that you have to know how to develop a pure quality essay on a given topic if you wish to reach the desired grades. Moreover, this skill will help you to cope with the blogs, email or text messages writing. If you approach any example of essay on the internet, you will discover that the basic essay includes essential sections, such as:

This article will provide you with basic guidelines on how to write a dissertation and how to plan it correctly. Before you start researching or actually writing, make sure to ponder over what you’d like to write about. It is impossible to have a serious talk with your supervisor. He/she will provide you with precious pieces of advice on the basic custom dissertation writing requirements you need to stick to. Remember that you’d better not write on “Sexual Education at High Schools”, but instead you need to focus on something that is more specific, perhaps trying to find the right solution for a particular problem.

Before you buy literature review or get into the review writing process, make sure you know what the literature review actually is. As a rule, the formal of the literature review varies from college to university and from one discipline to the other, and from a particular task to a particular task. A review of a piece of literature may look like a self-contained unit and include an end in itself. On the other hand, this type of assignment has a general purpose, which is the following – to critically analyze a certain segment of a published work of literature by means of classification, summary, reviews of theoretical articles and literature. Just like any other custom writing project, the literature review involves the following parts of content:

It’s Christmas time and no wonder that you may be assigned with the Christmas essay topic. Fortunately, writing about Christmas is one of the easiest topics students may be faced with in their academic life. The point is that there is certainly a special magic up in the air as this holiday gets closer and that both college and university students are full of the sweetest emotions and wrapped up by the best memories coming from their childhood.

Ivy League is the generally applied name for the universities of Columbia, Brown, Harvard, Cornell, Dartmouth, Yale, Princeton and Pennsylvania. Over the years these educational establishments have had the highest standards of education and thus, the written paper composed up to the levels of the universities mentioned above will definitely bring you the highest grades!

Too much homework assigned… Lack of proficient knowledge… Lack of interest in the subject area….


You have definitely heard about the famous Pareto Principle. It’s up to you how you have to be faced with it – the easy way or the hard one. Just forget everything you know about Pareto Principle. Today we will teach you how to overcome all the Pareto Principle’s tiresome odds.

Welcome to the world of perfectionism. The biggest trouble every perfectionist gets faced with is that even all the stuff that is supposed to be interesting and fun and to bring us joy and satisfaction, turns out to be a chore. The point is that we cannot cope with all the things without worrying about how perfect it will turn out to be at the end, how useful is our work and how well we are doing.

Are you having troubles trying to cope with the academic essay due tomorrow? There is no need to panic and go into hysterics! Just try the Freewriting technique described below to cast the shadows away from your academic life.

Interesting thing about the informal essay is that students write it only for …enjoyment! What's an informal essay? To speak in a simple language, the informal essay is about telling your reader of a particular event, subject or an individual. A professionally accomplished informal essay has an open and relax style. Nonetheless, it also retains a solid content structure that is still less rigid in comparison with the formal essay. No matter what informal essay topics you give preference to, the paper should be more personal and you, as the author, will have an opportunity to speak directly to your audience in a conversational style. Make certain to keep your own personality throughout the essay and stay away from sloppiness.

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