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Learning is an essential part of our lives. We learn since our childhood; how to walk, how to speak and write. We spend many years at school, then several more at a college or university in order to learn something new. Even in the Stone Age, learning was as important as it is now.


High school is a very important period in student’s life. It is the time when all necessary for future work skills are formed when one becomes a responsible adult. This time is closely connected to training many vital abilities such as comprehension, critical thinking and thought expression. There are, of course, certain demands for how the high school writing should look like.


In order to protect student’s civil rights, as well as limit pointlessly harsh school discipline, the US President began to call on school security to make sure the local police role is clearly defined and limited.

The experts of the US departments of Education and Justice have provided the brand new resources to both – the recruiting and training school resource officers. In other words, they’re about to reshape school discipline through pushing back against the policies known for their zero tolerance.

Nowadays, a lot of universities all over Europe provide various international Master’s degree programs. In order to join any of them, each applicant is required to send a range of documents, such as Bachelor’s degree diploma, CV, language certificate and so on. One of the keystone elements that will help you to get closer to the desired university is knowing how to write a motivation letter.

Ransomware is the kind of a malware infection that is typically used to perform the data kidnapping. Put in one’s PC by a hacker, ransomware simply blocks the PC owner’s access to his important files in order to scare some bucks out of a poor human being. With the most recent ransomware news popping up here and there, it’s not that easy to keep track of the various strains. But the reality is they’re always broken up into a range of key variants. While each of them is spread in its special way, together they all rely on quite similar tactics to benefit from online users. Let us take a closer look at the strains that are the most common nowadays.

More than 60 mystery stories have been written by talented Arthur Conan Doyle. And due to his brilliant mind, we owe a stunning opportunity to enjoy Benedict Cumberbatch’s acting in the best TV show ever “Sherlock”!


The author was born on May 22, 1859, in Edinburg (Scotland). Doyle’s family was a strict Irish-Catholic one and highly respected in the world of the art. However, Arthur’s father, Charles, was addicted to alcohol and but a few accomplishments to mention. As for his mother, Mary, she was an educated lady, absolutely passionate about reading. She was the one to tell her young boy unbelievably interesting and outlandish stories. Her endless imagination and wild tales had inspired young Arthur’s talent.

How to Write a Seminar Report
February 03, 2017

Even though the main task of education is to develop students' creative skills, the knowledge of how to write a seminar report involves rather practical and specific points that have to be taken into account. The understanding of how to write a seminar report will be of assistance not only in student's studies but also in a later scientific or industry career while writing reports or conference papers. Undertaking this task, a writer has to consider the structure, layout, and wording of the report.

Today, almost every human resources manager is searching for the most effective ways to evaluate the performance of the personnel and employee reviews are actively adopted by the companies. Also, feedback is an integral part of almost any company’s annual activity, so it is required to know how to write a review for your manager. While it may sound easy to complete an assessment of one’s performance, in truth, it is more complicated and requires an employee to understand some aspects of the manager’s actions and not to miss a big picture of the manager’s performance. Considering all these complications, it is important to know the basic principles of how to write a review for your manager.


Restaurant reviews are one of the most frequently searched among all review types because most people carefully choose a place to eat. Therefore, being aware of how to write a restaurant review can help a reviewer to become acknowledged and popular in a short period of time. Moreover, the knowledge of how to write a restaurant review would benefit not only a reviewer but also potential clients because they will be aware of the restaurants located nearby, therefore, it would be easier for them to choose the best place to have a dinner.


How to Write a Science Report
February 03, 2017

Knowing how to write a science report is significantly important for the school, college, and university students as they are often required to perform scientific researches and projects. The mark for such work crucially depends on the way it is presented in a report; thus it is essential to make sure that the writing describes the study accurately, clearly, and with a proper formatting. When one learns how to write a science report, he/she prevents his/her work from being underestimated because of the formalization elements and is able to concentrate on the quality of a content.


Commercial surrogacy is banned by the law in many countries, Germany, United Kingdom, France and Spain being among them. However, when it comes to places, where surrogate mothers are available in abundance, India is the heart of the industry. Every year, near 12 000 foreigners come here to “rent a womb”, a lot of them from the United Kingdom. The country, where race, sex and class supremacy are the cornerstones of the surrogate industry, adds to its budget over $1bn annually.

Those who do nothing are not remembered at all. All the people are remembered either for making good things, bad things or extraordinary ones. Thirty seventh President of the United States of America Richard Nixon during the years of his rule had won a reputation that will remain in history as the first and so far the last commander-in-chief of the United States who resigned. The decision to leave the post of the President was made in order to avoid impeachment, which he was threatened to get because of the scoop, better known as "Watergate scandal".

Some people believe that the best way to quickly and correctly evaluate someone’s level of knowledge is give him a placement or any other type of test. A couple of questions to be answered and there you have the result. But other people believe that no test can measure or evaluate one’s knowledge and mental abilities. Whatever age you are, whatever educational institution you’ve studied or will study at, you will have to pass the tests.

Every day numerous scientific researches and other studies are carried out, starting with laboratory, clinical, randomized and ending with observational ones. Every day various articles and publications on different topics are published. But how to understand and identify in this endless stream of information? Which source can be considered reliable and used in further practice, during trainings and for other purposes? Due to systematic reviews all of this is possible. Below you may find the guidelines on how to write a systematic review.

Due to today’s sophisticated technologies there are a lot of gadgets and gizmos these days. Some of them may serve you for long, but some of them will stay with you not for a long time. They can even disappear from the world’s market for good. It does not necessarily mean that the quality of the product was bad, the company may just stop manufacturing the products of own brand or declare its bankruptcy.

In order to save the endangered ferrets, the government of the United States of America is about to unleash vaccine shooting drones. The species is now suffering from the plague epidemic all over the great plains. According to the FWS (Fish and Wildlife) plan, the experts are going to bombard black-footed ferrets with the vaccine using specially designed drones. The devices can shoot vaccine in 3 different directions at the same time. The main targets of the “hunt” are the ferrets living at the UL Bend National Wildlife Refuge located in the north-eastern Montana.

Imagine you’re assigned with the task to complete an essay for the next-day English class. Your settle in to work on your assignment in your own room. It might be excellently arranged, cozy and with a huge assortment of items you might need like pencils, notebooks, your laptop, cards, etc. You’re so focused on your ideas and make sure they’re smoothly flowing on the piece of paper. But wait. What’s that? A new Facebook message? Oh, and the guy you fancy has just “liked” your photo from the summer trip! That definitely requires some immediate reaction. Besides, your sister wants you to help with her search for the iPod. That would be funny if it weren't so sadly true to life.

When the American Career Institute got closed, over 1 000 students were left behind the locked doors. A lot of young people had just a few weeks remaining in their programs before they’d receive the desired certificate. When the moment of closing came, they realized that more than one year of education was needed. The credits previously paid for the education wouldn’t transfer to the other educational establishment, while a lot of students failed to find a similar program in the neighborhood. That is why many students gave up on college and focused on the job. Some of them are still hoping their students loans will be forgiven one day by the authorities. In other words, young boys and girls are stuck in the middle of nowhere.

If you’re a college student, writing a research paper is the task you’ve definitely faced during your course. And if writing a project itself is something that you can handle at least somehow, the majority of students hate editing their own projects. They tend to skip this stage, and when they do it, they lower their chances of getting the desired degree. The point is that cleaning the text and cutting unnecessary sentences are a must at the stage, when you’re required to polish your paper.

A lot of high school English teachers have seen the singular use of the word "they" more than once and of course have been crossing it out. So many red pens have been used to bring in the right corrections based on the traditional gender binary of the words "she" and "he". But the reality is – we have to implement some pronoun change!

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